Services & Rates

I offer you 20 plus years of administrative and technical excellence.

If you need something that is not listed here, please email me with details, so that we can work together for a solution.

I am extremely adept at learning new software and hardware.  If you have something with which I’ve never worked, I am confident that I will pick it up quickly.

  • InfusionSoft Administration
  • WordPress Administration
  • Blogging
  • Facebook postings
  • Google Cloud document creation and maintenance
  • Microsoft Office
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Outlook
  • Assessment and revision of your office procedures
  • Policy & Procedures creation, documentation & maintenance
  • Computer Desk Top & Software Support
  • Presentation preparation
  • Meeting presentations
  • Meeting Coordinator
    • Go To Webinar
    • Start Meeting
  • Video Editing (Basic)
    • Windows Movie Maker
    • Pinnacle Studio 12
  • Database Management
    • InfusionSoft
    • Act!
    • Gold Mine
  • QuickBooks
  • Proof reading
  • File conversion
  • Online research
  • Desktop design
    • Ezines
    • Newsletters
    • Brochures
    • Flyers
    • Forms
    • Invitations
    • Business cards
  • Correspondence
    • Email
    • Letters
    • Send Out Cards (automated card site)
    • Cards (Thank You, holiday or just because)
  • Calendaring
  • Assisting with personal errands
  • Travel Arrangements



Cash and check only – No credit cards

Hourly Rates $25 – $55 (depending on the scope of work)

Monthly Rates $300 = 10 hrs.    $450 = 15 hrs (minimum of 6 month commitment)

5 hour deposit required, unless prepaid.  With prepayment of full 6 month contract an additional 10% discount will be applied to you balance due.

Stand Alone Projects as agreed between both parties

50% deposit required.  Remainder due upon completion.


Full-time Employee vs a Virtual Assistant Cost Comparison

Want to SAVE over $60,000 in business expenses this year? If you answered yes, read on …

A cost comparison for a full-time employee versus a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant
Hourly Rate of Pay
Fringe Benefits @ 35%
(Health/Dental/Life Insurance, Retirement Plans)
Overhead Rate @ 50%

  • Office Space
  • Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • UI Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Overtime Pay
  • Administration Costs
Total Effective Rate of Pay
** Hours Per Year **
2,080 hrs.
480 hrs.
TOTAL Annual Labour Cost

Difference = $60,160.00 per year

By hiring a Virtual Assistant…
You SAVE over $60,000.00 per year!

Although the Virtual Assistant’s hourly rate is more than the employee’s rate in the first place, you save the cost of benefits and overhead that would have to be applied to the new employee’s wage. And, because Virtual Assistant’s are usually more experienced, more efficient, and better connected than the employee, you’ll need to devote far less time to the project to get the same results, only 480 hours a year versus 2,080 for the new employee.

**Remember, with a Virtual Assistant, you only pay for the time on task by the minute! No more paying for socializing, hour long lunches or frequent trips to the washroom.

Your employee’s 8 hour day can be crunched into 3-4 hours with a Virtual Assistant.

Simply put, you should contract with a Virtual Assistant because it’s more cost-effective and Virtual Assistants go above and beyond the normal assistant’s duties to impact your own productivity. No task is too big or small for a Virtual Assistant to handle. Even if you only have 1 hour of work a month for a Virtual Assistant to do, a VA can (and will) do it.


*Souce: Virtual Assistant Networking Association Cost Comparison
The Largest Global Network Online for Successful and Aspiring Virtual Assistants

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